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Composing Your Space

Do you feel lost in your own home/office?

We create tailored and long lasting solutions for your storage and/or clutter problems.

  •  Making more efficient layouts for more productive use of space.

  •  Tackling the messiest of areas – we are not afraid!

  •  Arranging your possessions into systems to help you find what you need WHEN you need it.

  •  Getting those unwanted items OUT of your home (lifting that burden off of your shoulders!) 

Orchestrating Your Move

Overwhelmed with the thought of an upcoming move?

Our move management and unpacking services turn stress into peace of mind

  •  Preparing by purging. Don't move what you don't need to: it will save you money! We can arrange for donations and/or refuse pickup/drop offs.

  •  Hiring and overseeing trusted movers to make sure it's all a smooth operation.

  •  Unpacking and organizing of your new space (so you don’t live around boxes for months to come!)

  •  Implementing the organizing products you might need to maximize your new space.

Preparing For "The Big Show"

Would you like to sell your place faster?

I'm sure your realtor has told you that "clutter doesn't help close the deal."

  •  Identifying what should be relocated, stored, discarded/donated AND arranging for those items to leave your house.

  •  Enhancing the strong selling areas of your home for a bigger profit.

  •  Arranging rooms into appealing spaces that flow organically.

Coaching For Success

Do you have the passion and skills but just need the ignition to get you started?

An objective and experienced eye will do the trick with in-person or remote space coaching.

  •  Studying every area of your home and identifying what needs to change.

  •  Recommending the products you need to maximize your storage areas.

  •  Creating a plan-of-attack suited for you with an order of priorities and a realistic timeline to get the project completed.

Other popular services we offer are: Post renovation unpacking/organizing, estate clearance management, paper systems creations... No job is too big or too small for the Space Composer team... CONTACT US and tell us what you need help with :) 


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