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home organization

Our Services

Space Composer provides creative solutions tailored to your space needs. We specialize in large scale projects involving major life transitions. No job is too big or too small for the Space Composer team!

Home Makeovers

Do you feel lost in your own home? Have you undergone a radical life change (new baby, empty nesting, home renovation) that has affected your space’s functionality? 


Being organized is not necessarily about having your home look like the page of a catalog, but about having strong, simple systems that help you find what you need when you need it. Having a house that’s fully functional, where everything has ‘a home to go back to’ decreases visual clutter, unnecessary stress and makes life easier overall.

We create tailored and long-lasting solutions for your storage and/or clutter challenges.


How we bring harmony to your home…


  • Thorough and thoughtful editing: we provide accountability for all the things within a space 

  • Arranging your possessions into systems to make your life easier and your home most organized

  • Creating efficient layouts for a more productive use of your space, which can also apply to home renovations

  • Getting those unwanted items OUT of your home and lifting that burden off of your shoulders

  • Purchasing of any organizing products that might be needed to suport to the systems we have created

  • Managing paper in your home office

Move-In Services

Overwhelmed by the thought of an upcoming move? 

Moving is considered one of the top most stressful lifetime events there are. Our move management and move-in services will turn your stress into peace of mind. 

Whether you are moving into a new space, selling your old space, or undergoing a renovation that would require packing, relocation of items and post-reno unpacking...Consider the time that you will have to take from work and family to accomplish this, often piece by- piece, on your own. You don’t have to! We are here to help.


You choose the level of services you need OR you can choose it all, pass us the baton and not even need to be present. 


How we bring harmony to your move…


  • Editing pre-move:  Don't move what you don't need to (it will save you time and money!) 

  • Coordinating of logistics: Donation/junk pickups, appraisers (if needed), shredding companies, temporary storage, etc.

  •  Move managing: Walkthroughs with movers, revising of estimates and supervising the entire moving day/s process 

  • Planning your new space: Logical floor plan where your furniture and belongings are most functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Unpacking and organizing: We can get your new space settled in as little as ONE DAY (so you don’t live surrounded by boxes for months to come!)

  • Implementing of organizing products: We recommend organizing products to make the space function efficiently for years to come.

IF the reason you are moving is because you are selling your home, we offer ‘styling for a faster sale services’. We work with realtors/stagers and/or individual sellers in…


  • Helping prepare your home for showings and listing photos through a process of de-cluttering, depersonalizing and creating layouts that enhance the good attributes of your home to make it more appealing to buyers.  

  • Taking care of all the logistics that might be involved in the process (furniture moving, putting things into offsite/onsite storage)


Estate Clean Outs

Clearing an estate (after the passing of a loved one or after a loved elderly has downsized to a smaller space) is an intricate process where the volume of tasks is large and the emotional charge is high.

Balancing both the logistical aspects and the dynamics of family is a job for professionals! In what can be a difficult time, what is needed is the striking of a balance between efficiency and understanding.

Don’t just put it all in a storage unit that nobody will ever get to…. For a fraction of the cost (those monthly payments accumulate with the years) let us ease the pain by expediting the process and delivering an empty estate that is ready for sale.


How we bring harmony to this process:


  • Assessing the project: We will have a meeting and walk through (virtually or in person) with the family or executor to assess priorities, strategy and scope of work 

  • Going thoroughly through and sorting: We confront every nook and cranny of the space, identifying what’s discard, what’s to donate and what’s to be kept and relocated (plus how to relocate those keepers)

  • Creating inventories of items 

  • Arranging logistics of vendors: appraisers, estate buyers, shredding, donation delivery, junk removal

  • Staging the space to facilitate estate sales/auctions

Business Organization

The streamlining of your business starts with your storage areas and your filing systems. When multiple people need to access the same storage areas if there’s not a strong system in place time is wasted trying to find documents and products which affects the productivity of the overall operation. 


Letting our expert team create simple systems for your company would be one of the best investment your company can make…


How we bring harmony to your business


  • Organizing and labeling of merchandise, company swag, project props into ways that will make them easily identifiable and accessible 

  • Creating streamlining filing systems so that everybody in your team can be on the same page

  • Arranging space layouts into a flow that’s inviting to calm and productivity 

  • Recommending of products and/or structures that will support the systems we are creating for you


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