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" harmony  is clarity, clarity is time, time is money "

- Rebeca Mosher

Founder and CEO of Space Composer 

Space Composer was founded upon a strong commitment to bring harmony to people’s lives.

Our specialty in the business is helping people find solutions during major life transitions: If you are having a baby and need to restructure your home, if you are shifting into working from home and don't know how to create a home office, if you are moving and thinking about logistics and vendor management makes you hyperventilate, if you just moved and don't have the stamina to open one more box (and have no idea of where to put things in your new kitchen!), if you recently experienced the passing of a loved one and don't even know where to start when it comes to clearing the estate...  We feel you, and we have your back.  The Space Composer team has been hand-picked, carefully trained and is comprised of talented, respectful, empathetic, resourceful and creative worldly people who think outside the box and carry the philosophy of the company: no task is too big or too small for us and we shall do it all while wearing a smile.

By creating Space composer in 2007, Rebeca Mosher brought her extensive expertise and background in the fields of music production management and music composition into her vision to help people live more peaceful and efficient lives.  Mother of a toddler and natural born multi-tasker, Rebeca Mosher comes from a family of flamenco musicians in Spain and has cultivated the arts of vocal performance and music composition since she was as young as 4. In the mind of Rebeca, organizing, like writing a piece of music, encompasses the innate instincts to bring together all given elements into a harmonious and well-arranged end-result.  Becoming a professional organizer was not an overnight process for Rebeca Mosher; it almost came hand in hand with her life as a professional performer and her passion for event production. From managing the recording of three albums, to curating and directing a music festival to successfully organize national and international tours.  Logistics and team management have always been a strong side of Rebeca's personality.  All of those traits led her to her first organizing assignment: working as an in-house organizer for the building management corporation Rose Associates, Inc. ( position she held for over five years). Space Composer was born when she decided to leave Rose Associates, Inc and start her own company, the rest, as they say, is history.  Rebeca speaks, English, Spanish, and Portuguese and holds a BFA in Jazz Vocal Performance from City College CUNY in New York, a Masters Degree in Radio Broadcasting by IMEFE institute in Madrid, Spain and a BS in Philosophy and Politics by Swansea University in Wales, Great Britain.


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